Duke of Edinburgh Scheme comes to Wellesbourne

Duke of Edinburgh scheme now available in Wellesbourne

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We all need someone who will believe in us. For some young people the pathway is full of obstacles and getting that first step on a ladder may seem impossible. You may already be on a good footing and need that extra polish to stand-out for university applications.

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is for all young people who are willing to put the effort in and aged between 14 and 25.

Molly commented “before this weekend I couldn’t get the hang of map reading and now it’s just easy” while Ethan noted “it’s fun to do this sort of thing with my parents, but even more fun with my best friends!”

Thank you Leaders, for sharing your spare time and thank you parents for sharing your children. We honestly have as much fun creating the memories, as the children do spending time together and challenging themselves. Suffice to say everyone will sleep well tonight and the washing machines of Wellesbourne might be kept a tad busy over the coming days. You can now return to work/school/college for a well earned rest!

“Bourne Explorers” already has a full programme of challenging activities planned out which will include teamwork, leadership, advanced first aid, hillwalking, camping and volunteering in the community. Our DofE expeditions this year will be weekend canoeing trips in the Countryside, wild-camping in the woods on the banks of the river. With us you will work hard, be challenged, make new friends and also have many fantastic life experiences.Spaces are available but expected to fill up.