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What are Scouts?

Scouts is the third section in Scouting, and is for boys and girls aged 10½ to 14. Scouts take part in a wide range of activities as part of their programme, from archery to expeditions. There are many awards that Scouts can work towards, completing Challenges to get the Chief Scout’s Gold Award. However, taking part and having fun is just as important as what you achieve as a Scout.

The balanced programme of activities encourages Scouts to find out about the world in which they live, know their own abilities and the importance of keeping fit and develop their creative talents. There are also opportunities to explore their beliefs and attitudes.

Being outdoors is really important and Scouts love to learn new skills, such as camping, survival and cooking as well as the wide range of adventurous activities, anything from abseiling to yachting.

Scouting is about being with friends, as part of a team, participating fully in the adventure and opportunities of life.

Meeting time

Scouts meet on Wednesday evenings from 19:15 to 21:00 *

Meeting Venue

Our base is Wellesbourne Bowls Club, Loxley Close *

* Unless stated differently in program summary

Our Scouts Leaders



Name: James Brooks

Bio: Incoming

Favourite Cake: Incoming



Name: Matthew Jeffery

Bio: I have been a Scouting volunteer since 2020.  I am really keen on all things cycling, as I am also a Multi-discipline British Cycling Coach.  Away from physical activity I am a keen cook and had 5 BBQ's at last count!  My job involves a lot of sitting at a desk so I love being outdoors and have a passion for developing people both in my workplace but also younger generations at Scouts.

Favourite Cake: Battenberg



Name: Jack Mee

Bio: Incoming

Favourite Cake: Incoming

Needed_Assistant Scout Leader

Wellesbourne Scouts

Scout section Volunteer

Name: It could be you....

Role Description: Do you cherish your own memories of the outdoors, climbing trees, poking fires and games in the woods? Do you share a sense of camaraderie with young people aged 10-14, but also able to engage them to ensure they act responsibly and stay safe? Do you believe children need to be off their gaming machines and instead learning teamwork, developing skills-for-life and an appreciation for the world they do not get in school?

Why Hiring: Our Scout numbers are healthy and growing! Since we have been gifted access to Sherbourne Estate, the children cannot get enough of the fun and adventures at “Skip‘s Lookout”. Running safe weekly activities so that everyone gets a go requires that we divide the children into smaller working groups and to do that we need more adult hands-on help. Eagle and Wolf will burn-out and not be able to continue if we can’t parachute in regular and capable help.

You may come home on a Wednesday evening smelling of smoke and a bit muddy, but back at your desk in the office on Thursday morning it will all seem worthwhile. If camping is not your thing or you have a medical condition do not worry, we build the role with flexibility around the person and what you can do rather than what you can’t.

Favourite Cake:   Your charges are often off independently on the activity you set them on, and you seem to magically know your way to the secret cake supply.... anything can happen!


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