Welcome to
1st Wellesbourne
Scout Group

1st Wellesbourne was re-established in 2008 and currently operates a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop. Our earliest beginnings in the village date back to 1928 and a former Scouting resident of Wellesbourne Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low is internationally famous for starting the Girl Scouts of America in 1912 with Lord Robert Baden Powell.  We therefore have a rich heritage and every reason to be proud of who we are and what we do.

Many of our Scouts continue their Scouting into Explorers and we have very close links with the King Johns Explorers.
Within our web site you will find details of all our recent activities and of our plans for the future.
Come and have a look around and see what fun we all have!
We try to keep things simple so you can find what you need fast and easily.

“The mud will wash off, the fun never will”

Out and About with 1st Wellesbourne Scout Group Camping in February? They said we were mad, in which there was perhaps some small grain of truth, with weekend threats of Saturday gales and torrential Sunday downpours.  16 adventurous Scouts and Explorers not only braved the elements, they survived! Billed as an … Read More

Why is the Wellesbourne Scout Group necker red, yellow and blue?

Today we all wear a necker of red, yellow and blue to show we belong to Wellesbourne because when Akela Sarah restarted the Cub pack in 2008 she had taken her inspiration from the Wellesbourne flag. But how did those colours come to represent Wellesbourne? The visual clue lies in … Read More


“Everywhere we go-o Pe-ople always ask us Who we a-are And where do we come from So we tell them  We’re from WELLESBOURNE Mighty, mighty WELLESBOURNE And if they can’t hear us  We shout a little louder…..” ….and if they cannot hear us, they must be deaf!” Without doubt, this … Read More