Why is the Wellesbourne Scout Group necker red, yellow and blue?

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Today we all wear a necker of red, yellow and blue to show we belong to Wellesbourne because when Akela Sarah restarted the Cub pack in 2008 she had taken her inspiration from the Wellesbourne flag. But how did those colours come to represent Wellesbourne?

The visual clue lies in another local establishment, the Wellesbourne Cricket Club, which dates back to the turn of the 19th Century. Their shield gives us the clue. Wellesbourne was once two villages – Wellesbourne Mountford and Wellesbourne Hastings, the two villages being divided by the River Dene; the former lying to the south of the river, and the latter to the north. In 1947 the two parishes were merged, and are now considered to be a single village.

So which side of the river does your family live? Whether you are from the north or the south side, we are all one Wellesbourne and that  is what the colours of your necker represent. Now you know!