“The mud will wash off, the fun never will”

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Out and About with
1st Wellesbourne Scout Group

Camping in February? They said we were mad, in which there was perhaps some small grain of truth, with weekend threats of Saturday gales and torrential Sunday downpours.  16 adventurous Scouts and Explorers not only braved the elements, they survived!

Billed as an Icebreaker to start our 2019 camping season from start to finish this was a return-to-basics camp with axes, firelighting, a 5mile hike, orienteering and open fire cooking.

Molly commented “before this weekend I couldn’t get the hang of map reading and now it’s just easy” while Ethan noted “it’s fun to do this sort of thing with my parents, but even more fun with my best friends!”

Thank you Leaders, for sharing your spare time and thank you parents for sharing your children. We honestly have as much fun creating the memories, as the children do spending time together and challenging themselves. Suffice to say everyone will sleep well tonight and the washing machines of Wellesbourne might be kept a tad busy over the coming days. You can now return to work/school/college for a well earned rest!

The Scouts working in teams were taught how to safely cut their own firewood using real axes and bow saw, before making the fire to cook their own dinner. The sense of achievement they feel when they proudly tuck into their food at the end of a tiring day is awesome to watch.

Scout Camp Recipe: Foil Dinner

  1. Cut a large section of tinned foil, add a spray of oil/marg for non stick
  2. Add one lean minced beef burger (whole or make mini meatballs), or cut up chicken breast, or vegetarian alternative
  3. Add uncooked chopped vegetables (pick your favourites from potato, courgette, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, carrot) and an optional egg noodle nest is also very nice
    Chefs tip: put your onions at the bottom of the packet and meat on top.
  4. Add seasoning to taste
    We added a sprinkle from some spiced packet flavouring eg. Jerk, fajita or Italian seasoning mix.
  5. Close up the foil packet and ensure it is fully sealed
  6. Wrap your packet in two sheets of newspaper. Dip the newspaper bundle in water to wet the parcel and pat it down.
  7. Add an outer layer of tinned foil. Ensure your parcel is fully sealed.
  8. Put the packet, bottom side down into the embers of your fire, or on the grill of your barbecue for approximately 30-40 minutes. Note: Cooking time will vary based on how full your parcel and how close to the heat you are cooking.
  9. When cooked, ask a grownup to carefully lift your parcel onto a plate and slit open to let out the steam.
  10. Enjoy! Tastes amazing eaten by the side of your fire, straight out the packet.

Try experimenting with your flavours, no two packets will ever be exactly the same!

This invasion of Scouts took place in the Oxfordshire countryside around Wroxton, Drayton and Horley. It’s a beautiful Cotswold area especially near the Wroxton Abbey, definitely worth exploring.

Children join Scouts between their 10th and 11th birthday and stay on until 14. We currently have a few spaces in this age group if you think your son or daughter might be having a sense of adventure and want to join in too.

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